Repairs / Upgrades


Regardless of whether you are a gamer or enthusiast, you'll want to ask us about:

  • Solid State Drive upgrades - we can make your aging laptop/computer feel like new again without losing any of your important data!
  • Cooling, Silencing, and Lighting Upgrades
  • Custom Painting, Anodization, Custom Cases
  • High-Performance Video Cards, Processors, Memory (RAM), Motherboards and Hard Drives


Computer/Laptop Repair

  • PC Crashing or Freezing - this can often be the cause of a hardware conflict, corrupt software or faulty drivers. You may well have a virus problem if you are getting annoying pop-ups appearing when surfing the internet or your programs just don’t seem to be acting the way they use to.
  • Internet Problems - We can check out internet and email issues, set up internet connections, configure routers and WiFi. Where possible we can even help increase the speed of connections.
  • Data Recovery - We can attempt to retrieve lost or corrupted data from a failed hard drive or usb drive (even scan and recover data previously erased). We offer installation on backup systems to prevent re-occurance of lost data.
  • Password Recovery - If you have forgotton your password or Windows login details we can get you up and running in no time.
  • Virus or Spyware - One of the most annoying problems with computers are virus attacks. We can install anti-virus software and attempt to repair any damage your computer might have sustained from the virus or spyware. We can have your laptop or pc up and running within an hour in most cases.
  • Hardware Issues - PC not Booting, Blue Screen errors or strange noises, we have the tools and experience to diagnose, repair and get you back up and running.
  • Software Issues - We can help with all software problems. Windows updates and upgrades, install new software and resolve any conflicts with existing software. If we have to reinstall windows we can also back up all your important data and import it to the new installation or computer (all photos, video, audio, documents, contacts and emails).